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The center includes relevant links, case studies, and bibliographies. Each major subject area is divided by a tab. Once you click on a tab, it will direct you a list of topics. If you hover over a heading, it will give you a description of material included within that heading. Once you click on the heading, it will reveal one or more links of interest. If you have suggestions for links or resources, please feel free to submit them to the Data Center.

The following resources provide an overview of the intercultural topics included on this website. Feel free to click on a specific tab for more information on that topic.

I. Health Disparities in research:
HRET Health Disparities ToolKit

II. Introduction to Cultural Competence:
One Size Does Not Fit All: Meeting the Healthcare Needs of Diverse Populations

III. Intro to Culture:
Geri-Ann Galanti's Cultural Diversity in Healthcare Cultural Profiles

IV. Individualism/Collectivism:
National Center on Secondary Education and Transition

V. Communication Styles:
Culture Matters by the U.S. Peace Corp

VI. Culture-Specific:

a. U.S. American Values:
International Student Guide

b. African American Culture:
The African American Culture by Hugh J. Scott

c. Latino/Hispanic Culture:
Geri-Ann Galanti's Cultural Diversity in Healthcare Cultural Profiles

d. Disability & Culture:
Considering the Culture of Disability by Gary Eddey and Kenneth L. Robey


Case Studies:

A Physicians Guide to Culturally Competent Care:
U.S. Department of Health & Human Services Office of Minority Health

Various Courses in Cultural Competence:
National Consortium for Multicultural Education for Health Professionals

Guide to Cultural Competence Curriculum: Occupational Therapy:
Center for International Rehabilitation Research Information and Exchange (CIRRIE)

Cultural Competence:

Providers Guide to Quality and Care:
Management Sciences for Health

The Center for Capacity Building on Minorities with Disabilities (CCBMD):

Building Cultural Competencey in Practice:
Hamilton Health Services Links

Cultural Competency and Health Literacy Resources for Health Care Providers:
Health Resources & Services Administration

Think Cultural Health:
Bridging the Healthcare Gap through Cultural Competence Continuing Education Programs

One Size Does Not Fit All: Meeting the Healthcare Needs of Diverse Populations:
The Joint Commission

National Center for Cultural Competence (Georgetown):
Georgetown University for Center for Child and Human Development

"Cultural Competence in Healthcare a guide to media resources at the Health Sciences Library":
University at Buffalo, The State University of New York

Cultural Competency and Diversity in Healthcare:
Diversity Health Blog

Data Collection:

The Challenges of Data Collection in Rural Dwelling Samples:
Binghampton University

Health Disparities:

Eliminating Disparities in Clinical Care:
Baylor College of Medicine

Minorities in Clinical Trials:

U.S. Department of Health & Human Services:
Office of Minority Health

Cultural Competence Resources:

Compendium of Cultural Competence Resources:
The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation

Cultural Info on SCIMS Sites.

Alabama -
Encyclopedia of Alabama

Red Mountain Oral Histories Project

Latinos in Alabama

Arizona -
City of Phoenix Ethnic Resource Directory

Arizona Historical Society-Museum at Papago Park

California -
Immigrant Resettlement and Cultural Center

Northern Cali Oral History inf

Georgia -
Atlanta History Center

Pennsylvania -
PA Cultures - New Immigrants

UPitt Center on Race and Social Problems

Allegheny Regional Alliance

UPitt Pennsylvania Ethnic Heritage Studies Center

Global Pittsburg

Pennsylvania Historical Museum Commission and State Archives

Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance Report

Michighan -
Ann Arbor District Library

Ann Arbor Facts & Stats

Detroit Historical Society

Massachusettes -
Hello Boston

Boston Indicators Project

New Bostonians Report

Massachusetts Historical Society Research Library

New York -
Town Historian

Miller Place-Mt. Sinai Historical Society

Texas -
Institute of Texan Cultures

Virginia -
Virginia Historical Society

Richmond Regional Planning Commission:

City of Richmond, Office of Minority Business Development:

Washington -
Municple Research and Service Center of Washington

Museum of History and Industry/ Seattle Historical Society:

Ethnic Heritage Council:

City of Seattle

Washington, DC -
Historical Society of Washington, DC

Center on Urban and Metropolitan Policy

New Jersey -
West Orange conversation on race

Township of West Orange Human Relations Commission:

New Jersey Historical Society

Illinois -
Chicago Encyclopedia

Colorado -
State of Colorado Racial and Ethnic Groups

Ohio -
Cleveland People

In addition to training, one can build cultural competence through learning about one's own cultural identity and the culture of others. A few suggestions are listed on this web resource.

Cultural Self-Awareness Activities:
Process of Cultural Conditioning

Peace Corp

Add major cultural and religious dates to your calendar:
Multicultural Calendar

Use Outlook calendar Feature

Attend Heritage Month Activities:
Hispanic Heritage Month

African American Heritage Month

Asian-Pacific Islander Heritage Month

Attend Heritage Festivals:

European Ethnic Groups
Find the local Italian, Greek, Polish, Irish, Russian,
or German Festivals in your area.

Latin American Heritage:
Cinco de Mayo

Dia de Los Reyes


Dia de Los Muertos

Asian Heritage:
Chinese New Year

Mid-Autum or Moon Festival

Sakura (Cherry Blossom Festival)

African American Heritage :


Search for festivals or events for Cuban, Dominican, Jamaican, Haitian,
Puerto Rican communities.

Watch movies about different ethnic groups:
The following list includes a good mix of films. Please read descriptions and ratings and determine their appropriateness for you.

The Joy Luck Club

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Soul Food

My Family/Mi Familia

Monsoon Wedding

Gangs of New York


The History Channel